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Quit Addiction Herbal Powder from Teleone Quit Addiction is an effective Ayurvedic Medicine to get rid of any kind of drug Addiction. There are various substance abuses that cause a huge harm in the human body, which usually are not caught when you start involving, but gradually find people effected from various diseases while they got addicted to alchohol, drugs, smoking and other substances. These addiction sustenance increases the risk of cancers of the mouth, esophagus, pharynx, and larynx, liver in men and of breast cancer in women according to the National Cancer Institute. Benefits of Quit addiction Powder : 1. It is 100% herbal and pure with having no side effects at all. 2. It is safe and ePasswordffective 3. Easy to use. 4. Need not follow any special prescription for using this medicine. Using procedure: Take one spoonful of powder twice a day after meals with water. This Ayurvedic powder in quantity of one spoon can also be mixed / added in the food. Quantity : 1 Bottle containing 100 gms powder. Caution : Ayurvedic medicines are safe and effective for every person but prior to relying on this type of herbal treatment along kindly consult your physician whether to substitute, discontinue or take parallel advantage of your regular medicine. The natural Quit addiction Herbal Powder works specifically by : 1) Balancing your emotional mental and physiological responses thus ensuring lasting relief and encouraging permanent commitment to an alcohol free life. 2) Supplying your body with the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are depleted due to excessive alcohol consumption. 3) Helping restore impaired metabolism and correcting digestive and assimilation processes. 4) Helping to clear toxins from your liver. 5) Helping soothe your nerves. Visit Us For More Details:- Like Us On Facebook Teleone Like Us On Twitter Teleone (@Tele_one) | Twitter For More Details Call Us At:- 09250018100, 09212600900 Delhi $ 46.35 USD
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